I do not have any cues ready to be purchased at this time, check back in the middle to late spring of 2019.

Pool Table Ring – $500.00  (with diamonds)  USED but rare to find!

This one-of-a-kind pool table ring has 9 diamonds in it and is made with 9 grams of 14kt gold.  If you would like to see it first hand please let me know.  I’ve had is for about 20+ years but have not work it on about 15.  It is in good shape but has some minor scratches typical of a lightly used item.  I’m certain it could be easily buffed with rouge by a jeweler and brought back to new condition quite easily.  If you are out of state and would like it shipped then shipping and insurance will be extra, roughly $10-$15. Depends on how much it is insured for and where it’s going.  🙂

Pool Table Charm and Chain – $375.00  USED, GR8 condition!!

This is a one-of-a-kind pool table ring charm with 18″ chain.  Had it tested and both the charm and chain are 14K gold, neither has markings. Total weight is 14 grams, even at scrap prices that is valued at about what I am selling it for!